6 Games Nintendo Could (Very Realistically) Make To Turn The Wii U Into A Must-Have System

So, things are looking bad for the Wii U. A mere 160,000 units sold worldwide during this past quarter kind of bad. Despite these deeply worrying numbers, Nintendo hasn’t said anything about a price drop or Wii U redesign. They seem to think all the Wii U needs is more Nintendo-published software.

And maybe they’re right! I just don’t think the currently announced software is necessarily going to cut the mustard. Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns 2 and Super Mario 3D World will likely all be good and help the platform out to some degree, but if Nintendo is serious about turning the Wii U around based on software alone, they need to pull out all the stops. They need big, huge, massive games that fans (and even non-fans) won’t be able to ignore. Such as…

Note: As the title of the article suggests, I’m sticking to game ideas that Nintendo could (or would) realistically do. So no suggestions like “team up with Rockstar for Grand Theft Mario” or the ever-popular “Pokemon MMO” that’s never happening.