8-Bit ‘Pulp Fiction’ Is Just A Little Different

01.08.14 6 years ago

Ever wondered what would have happened if one of the crappy video game developers operating back in the early 90s had got their hands on the Pulp Fiction license? Well, wonder no more, because the folks at CineFix have gone and reimagined Pulp Fiction as an 8-bit Contra-like run-and-gun game. Oh, and yes, there is an “Inject The Adrenalin” mini-game too.

Check out 8-Bit Pulp Fiction below…

Well done — I wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out Acclaim actually went after the Pulp Fiction license, and if they had got it their game probably would have looked just like this (except, you know, not as good). That said, where was the foot massage mini-game?

via Laughing Squid

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