9 Reasons Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Batman" is the Best Bat-book in Decades

Recently I’ve been neglectful about picking up the comics on my pull list, but over the past couple days I’ve done a big catch-up, and holy crap guys, this Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo run on Batman is pretty damn great, isn’t it? I mean I read all of Snyder’s Detective Comics stuff, and the first two issues of Batman, and it was all very good, but now that I’m caught up to issue #7 on Batman I feel confident in saying this is the first truly great Batman story to come along in years. It may just be the best story since Frank Miller’s 80s heyday.

Like any comics reader with any sense, I’m a big fan of Batman as a character, but unfortunately most Batman stories really aren’t very good. He’s just a hard character to do right — even some of my favorite writers like Grant Morrison and Bill Willingham have had very mixed success with the character. The last time I consistently enjoyed Batman comics was when Greg Rucka was doing Detective Comics — a run that is, unbelievably, over a decade old now.

So, what’s this Snyder/Capullo run doing so right? Why’s it so much better than almost all other Bat-comics? Well…

Spoilers Note – I tried not to reveal specific plot points, but this article does talk about what’s happened in the first seven issues of Batman in general terms. Beware those who want to stay completely spoiler-free.


Gotham Feels Like a Real City

Batman comics really love to go on about Gotham — every bad Bat-story starts with a pile of narration boxes in which Batman expounds on how Gotham is a dark dangerous lady, but dammit she’s his and blah blah blah.