A Sixth Grader Was Forced To Write This Apology Note After ‘Deez Nuts’ 911 Prank


One of the sad casualties of our modern technological era is prank phone calls. Once a hilarious way to send unwanted pizza to your neighbor’s house or make local cable access call in shows infinitely more entertaining, prank calls are now a relic of bygone times being that everyone has caller ID, if they even answer their phones in the first place. (Because who talks on the phone anymore, LOL!) One budding young comedian somehow didn’t get that memo, however, when he called 911 and yelled “DEEZ NUTS” into the phone.

Presumably, 911 either called back and got the boy’s irate parents, or sent an officer to the house, because the boy’s parents somehow found out, and they weren’t impressed with their little Adam Carolla’s stunt. Thankfully, because the art of parenting and teaching your children the consequences for their actions isn’t completely dead, the boy’s parents made him write and hand-deliver an apology note to the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, who confirm on their official website that the apology has, in fact, been accepted.

Here’s the note in full:

The 911 staff also gave the boy and his parents a tour to show them how the department operates, and why prank calls interrupt the very important work they do. I just hope one of them also taught the kid how to correctly spell “deez nuts” while they were at it, which is also important.