A Bunch Of Cats Are Running Pizza Hut In Japan And It’s Wonderfully Absurd

Since the Internet is pretty much already run by cats, why not have the furry fellas “manage” a chain of Pizza Huts to help promote business! At least that’s what one wildly imaginative/possibly deranged marketing executive at Pizza Hut Japan thought.

There actually exists an entire website dedicated to the grand opening of a fictional dining establishment called Pizza Cat! and it’s weirdly marvelous.

In addition to the insanely dramatic “announcement video” seen above, the site also features a bunch of hilarious clips about a few catty employees and their various restaurant duties (delivering food, taking calls, counting money, you name it). The videos kind of remind me of The Office, except ya know, with cute kitties in place of humans and pizza instead of paper.

I know it’s all one big advertising ploy by Pizza Hut… But is it so wrong that I actually wish Pizza Cat! was real? That I want to order a stuffed crust pizza from a tabby named Norman even though I fully acknowledge the total absurdity of this whole thing?

Watch a few of those short “webisodes” below.

Via AdWeek