A Chinese Man Covered Himself With Over A Million Bees To ‘Feel Alive For The First Time’

05.27.15 3 years ago

A Chinese man just broke the world record for the most bees on a human body at one time. On May 25, 55-year-old Gao Bingguo had 1.1 million bees — weighing in at approximately 240 pounds — cover his entire body. Beekeepers started the process by placing a few queen bees on Bingguo to attract the worker bees. After getting as many bees onto the man’s body using this method, they kicked any semblance of order to the curb and proceeded to dump boxes full of bees on the man’s head and back.

Bingguo allegedly wanted to be covered with this large number of bees so he could feel alive for the first time. Life in China must be really really difficult.

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