A College Student Will Run The London Marathon Dressed Like A Pair Of Testicles

A 22-year-old University of Portsmouth student, Jack Woodward, will be running the 2015 London Marathon later this month dressed like a giant, blue-eyed pair of testicles. But this isn’t just some dumb (albeit hilarious) university stunt, Woodward is running for a good cause.

He’s raising money and awareness for the charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, in memory of his friend and housemate, Rob Harris, who passed away at 21 years old, just one month after being diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. The suit Woodward is running in is actually the campaign’s mascot, the aptly named Mr. Testicles.

Laura Hurding from Male Cancer Awareness Campaign said, via the Portsmouth News:

A big thank you to Jack for taking on this challenge – it’s by no means an easy one. Jack’s story about his friend Rob tragically highlights the importance of men knowing the early signs of testicular cancer and not feeling embarrassed to seek medical advice. Jack’s challenge will help raise awareness of testicular cancer and hopefully many young men’s lives can be saved.”

In addition to benefiting his cause, Woodward will probably help keep the spirits up of his fellow runners, as anyone who’s ever attempted distance running knows what a grueling ordeal it can be. Jack’s fundraising page and story can be found here.

(Via UK Metro)