A Florida Man Called 9-1-1 To Brag About His Muscles And Woo Any Single Dispatchers

06.05.15 3 years ago

It was starting to feel like Florida was being out-Florida’d by other states lately, but that was nipped in the bud rather nicely by the man who was jumping on a patrol car to escape vampires. That very special Cape Coral man isn’t taking all of the first place votes in the Sunshine State’s MVP race just yet, though, as a Leesburg stud decided to turn 9-1-1 into a 900-number this week. According to WKMG, 44-year-old Eduardo Garcia made several calls to the emergency number so that he could tell the female dispatcher all about his “big muscles before asking if she was single.”

Just how Mom met Dad.

But Garcia’s quest for love didn’t end with a romantic dinner and swapping spit, unless you count the one-way saliva exchange that he had with the arresting officers.

The officer tracked Garcia down and found him with an open beer can where he was lying, along with other cold beers in the tent, according to police.

The officer said when he called the number the 911 calls came from the phone on the floor next to Garcia began to ring.

Police took Garcia, 44, into custody and said while he was being walked to the patrol car he told the officer he wanted to head butt him and kill him.

Police said while in the vehicle, Garcia spit through the cage onto the back of an officer’s head and stated again that he would kill him. Garcia was then placed into a different vehicle with a closed cage and taken to Lake County Jail. (Via WKMG Local 6, H/T to BroBible)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this stud was calling from a campground. Then again, that should just be implied in these stories by now.

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