A Forensic Artist Created A Preview Of What Kim And Kanye’s Son May Look Like

Forensic artist Joe Mullins took it upon himself to make a computer generated photo of Kim and Kanye’s yet-to-be-born son (who sadly will not be named South West). Using facial features from both parents, Mullins created an image that is… definitely something. The large doe eyes of the creepy little demon seem to peer into the viewer’s very soul. It’s almost as if he was purposely trying to make the tyke look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. GAHHHH!!

This is not Mullins’ first go around at predicting the appearance of Kimye’s children. Here’s what the artist foresees for 21-year-old North West:

At least that’s a little more comforting for the West family.

(Via USA Today, Us Weekly)