A Group Of Hackers Just Pulled Off One Of The Biggest Bank Robberies In History

A new report claims a group of hackers stole more than $300 million from banks across the globe with malware — the same malicious stuff that makes porn and puppies pop up on your grandma’s computer. Experts are calling the digital heist one of the biggest bank robberies in history:

In the report, [Kaspersky Lab] claims that the hackers use a form of malware which can be downloaded through email attachments, that accesses and monitors the banks’ computer systems, allowing the hackers to access confidential information and even operate computers remotely.

Dozens of financial institutions in both the US and Europe were attacked, but the alleged hackers pilfered most of the money from Russian banks. Authorities believe many of the shady deals behind the hack probably looked something like this:

[Via Business Insider]