A Handy Guide To Thanksgiving Dinner, As Seen From The Perspective Of Some Kid Named Billy


I have to tell you, this little Wes Anderson-esque gem from our friends at Buzzfeed is handy as hell. I mean, I always knew that brussel sprouts were “nature’s turds” but I wasn’t quite sure the rest of the world felt the same way. WHEW! Now I can just push them off my plate without shame because it’s acknowledged that “they taste like tiny turds.”

With that said, anyone else endlessly fascinated by how it is that we eat things during the holidays that we never eat at any other time of the year. I mean, it’s not like they’re all bad — many of the things we eat during the holidays are delicious. It’s just that it doesn’t feel right to roast or fry a turkey at any other time, does it? Or am I just weird? Yeah, that’s probably it.

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