A Nebraska Inmate Had His Testicles ‘Partially Detatched’ By A Fellow Inmate

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Two murderer inmates walk into a library… But only one leaves with both testicles attached to his body and OH MY GOD. Convicted murderer Anthony Floyd, (top right) incarcerated in the Douglas County Jail in Nebraska, got into a fight with another murderer inmate, Marcus M. Escamilla, (top left) and somehow Floyd’s testicles were partially ripped off of his body in the process. No weapons were used. From

Anthony Floyd, 24, was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center to have the testicles reattached, Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said.

Floyd is awaiting trial in the death of Rodney M. Hunt, 31, who was killed Oct. 8 outside the Relax Inn Motel & Suites at 60th and K Streets. Samuel Ochoa, 27, and Amber Perez, 27, also have been charged in the slaying.

The alleged assailant was Marcus M. Escamilla, 34, said John Hubbard, deputy director at the jail.

Escamilla is charged with first-degree murder in the April 16, 2013, shooting of Kenneth D. Gunia outside his girlfriend’s apartment at the Mason School Apartments, 24th and Mason Streets. After the jail assault, Escamilla was booked on suspicion of assault by a confined person.

I don’t know what kind of argument taking place in a library can lead to a man ripping the testicles off of another man with his bare hands, but the Douglas County Jail should probably order a few extra copies of The Hunger Games, anyway. As a safety precaution.

(Via Gawker)

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