A Redditor Mixed Up Josh McDermitt And Dylan McDermott During An AMA

During his recent Reddit AMA, Josh McDermitt got a question that was clearly meant for similarly-named actor Dylan McDermott. The Redditor confused McDermitt, who currently stars as Eugene on The Walking Dead, with The Practice and American Horror Story‘s McDermott.

For a quick visual comparison, Josh is pictured above. This, however, is Dylan:

Here was the hilariously confused Redditor’s question for Josh McDermitt:

“Dude you’re like super fit for a middle aged guy. I’m a straight dude but seeing you nearly naked in AHS made me wanna creme myself. What’s your secret?”

Josh McDermitt’s response was absolutely perfect:

“What the f— are you talking about? I’ve never been in American Horror Story. And I have the worst body of any actor on television right now.”

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I thought McDermitt’s joke about Eugene choking on a burrito was the best part of his AMA, but this? This is gold. There’s not much that could have topped it.

Source: Reddit