A Scary Clown At A Haunted House Was Arrested For Inappropriately Touching A Teenage Girl

A volunteer at the Massacre Haunted House in suburban Chicago was arrested for making sexually charged comments and inappropriately touching a teenage girl while dressed like a bloody clown. So, good luck to the Clowns of America International on that whole rehabilitating the image of clowns thing. Chicago’s CBS6 reports:

Robert Keller, 23, of Algonquin, Ill. was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. He was accused of using an electrical neck massage machine on a teenage girl inappropriately as she waited to get into a haunted house. In addition, Kane County Prosecutors accused Keller of speaking to her inappropriately.

A spokesperson for the haunted house said Massacre Haunted House has been in business for over a decade serving over 100,000 patrons and has done so without incident. Keller is no longer working with the operation in Montgomery.

I don’t know what the hell an “electrical neck massage machine” was doing at a haunted house in the first place, because if someone brings an electrical neck massage machine to a haunted house, that’s almost a guarantee that it’s going to be used inappropriately at some point. Same goes with introducing a gun in the first act or bringing cocaine to the office Christmas party. It’s just common sense.

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