Brett Ratner Is Developing A Show About Time Travelling Cops. Yeah.

01.10.13 6 years ago 7 Comments

Gee, wonder why this guy’s interested in the concept of turning back the clock?

I guess everyone in movie industry finally realized Brett Ratner doesn’t actually know how to, you know, make movies, because Brett Ratner’s planning to make the leap to network television! Well, not leap so much — more of a sweaty shamble.

Ratner is developing, along with Law & Order scriptbot Barry Schindel, a series called Tomorrow, which is being described as a “high concept” procedural about an FBI agents who get trapped in a time travel scenario. So yeah, Quantum Leap with cops basically. Hmmm, now if one of the agents was Asian, and the other was a fast talking black guy with issues about his radio being touched — then we’d really be somewhere.

Don’t get too worried lovers of time travel television — chances are good Ratner will call H.G. Wells a f-g or something soon enough and kill this thing before it even gets out of the blocks.

via Deadline

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