A Third of Netflix's New Subscribers Are Former Customers

Hey, remember when there was all that righteous vengeance and furious anger last year over Netflix clumsily trying to dump a part of its business that had become a massive liability? Remember our endless stream of contempt for people treating this like it was somehow a genuine problem instead of a minor inconvenience?

Well, we’re practicing our mocking stance, because guess what?

[Netflix CFO David] Wells said: “Rejoined or folks rejoining the service still remain about a third of our new subscribers that are coming in. So that is an encouraging stat. We think, we’ve said before that the brand hit will take years to recover from and I think that’s still true, with the bulk of the recovery coming in the full year and I think we still feel that way.”

We’ll assume the people who quit over Rush Limbaugh are staying away, because we want to believe people have integrity, but that all the price whiners are coming back. Gee, you mean all those angry letters and furious forum posts and whiny about how it’s not faaaaaa-ir turned out to be a bunch of whining and now all those people, especially the ones predicting doom, are slinking back with their tails between their legs?

Could YouTube possibly have an annoying sound looped for a ridiculous length of time to sum up how we feel about this?

(Image courtesy Marit and Toomas Hinnosaar on Flickr)