A ‘Tremors’ Reboot Will Soon Burst Forth Into The World

What’s that rumbling? What the hell is going on? I mean, what the hell is going on?! Oh God, no! It’s a Tremors reboot!

Yup, that late night cable classic, Tremors, is coming back. Technically, the series never really went away with four direct-to-video sequels, a TV show and a video game, but this is, reportedly, going mark the series’ return to theatres. Don Michael Paul, whose directing credits include a Company of Heroes movie, Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, Who’s Your Caddy, and yes, two episodes of Silk Stalkings, will helm the new Tremors. So yeah, the Tremors series is in good (or at least appropriate) hands.

No word on the cast yet. Most people will insist Kevin Bacon and his beautiful blowout/mullet (blullet) needs to return as Val, but as long as Michael Gross makes an appearance as survivalist Burt Gummer, I’ll be happy.

You’ve got a lot of live up to, new Tremors movie.

Via The Tracking Board