A World Of Warcraft Player Hit Level 90 Without Choosing A Faction

World of Warcraft, like most fantasy worlds, works on a binary. Either you’re Alliance, or you’re Horde, and people take the idea of being a fake elf in a fake faction far more seriously than any grown human being should. But one guy decided to tell both sides to get stuffed, and hit level 90 without choosing a side.

How’d the aptly named Doubleagent pull it off? According to Rock Paper Shotgun, patience and lots of it. He created a Pandaren character and then never left the neutral starting zone. Once he used up the quests and other XP generating missions, he simply started mining ore and picking herbs.

OK, on the one hand, this sounds incredibly boring, albeit Doubleagent describes it as a soothing activity he mostly did while getting caught up on TV shows. That said, sure, it took 173 days of play time, but he cracked Level 90 while avoiding one of the game’s cardinal rules, something gamers aspire to because really, you’re not a gamer unless you’ve forced a game to play by your rules.

And it’s undeniably impressive that he’s managed to find a way around one of the most tiresome arguments on the Internet. So, if nothing else, Doubleagent is a better gamer than I am, and I salute him in his dedication to find loopholes.