Disney Presses Forward With ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Adaptation From ‘Frozen’ Writer

Variety is reporting that Jennifer Lee — the writer behind Disney’s Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, and the co-director of Frozen with Chris Buck — has been hired by Disney to adapt the Madeleine L’Engle book A Wrinkle In Time.

Lee reportedly had a “take” on the story that appealed to Disney. Previously, Bridge to Terabithia‘s Jeff Stockwell took a stab at adapting the book. Variety never mentions if this will be live-action or animated, but Disney has already produced a live-action tv movie about ten years ago. There is no director attached yet.

I don’t know about the guys reading this but speaking as someone who was once a 10 year old girl, A Wrinkle In Time is pretty much the foundation of every geek girl’s world. A bunch of kids travel through time and space to find their lost scientist father. There’s centaurs and aliens and the protagonist is a sassy teenage girl. Basically every publisher thought this book was unmarketable, “too adult”, and it took years for L’Engle to get it published.

Then it won a buttload of awards. Lee even claims it’s one of her favorite books. I preferred L’Engle’s Many Waters to A Wrinkle In Time, but maybe that’s because as a hormonal tweener I appreciated a book about attractive twin dudes that on the surface looked like a wholesome Bible story.

Via Variety