Actors Playing with Themselves: Actors with Action Figures

Karen Gillan with Amy Pond

Having your own action figure must feel like one of the coolest things possible. Untold numbers of children will waste away their summertime taking little miniature versions of you on imaginary adventures. They’ll sleep with your action figure tucked under their arm and get yelled at by their moms for not putting you away.
And they’ll also melt you down in the microwave, make you swim in the toilet and force you to have sex with all their other toys. They will if you’re owned by a kid like me anyway.
The Tumblr Actors with Action Figures as made a habit of cataloging photos of the famous playing with their toys. It is a delight to see how happy it makes most actors to see little, three dimensional versions of their characters. Except Chris Hemsworth. Maybe he doesn’t like his toy? Keep reading to see my favorites of Actors with Action Figures.

Ian McKellen with Gandalf

Jonathan Frakes with Cmdr. William T. Riker

Chris Hemsworth with Thor

Aaron Douglas with Chief Tyrol

Image by Julian Landau-Brown

Ray Park with Darth Maul

Image by Sideshow Collectibles

Tom Hanks with Woody

Stan Lee with Stan Lee

Image by Andrew Speers

Michael Caine with Finn McMissile