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Facebook Fail-Log: May Edition [Uproxx]

Photos and video from Space Shuttle Endeavor’s final mission [Uproxx]

ICP wants Charlie Sheen for this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos [Filmdrunk]

Fox, NBC Release Schedules For 2011-12 [WarmingGlow]

The 2011 World Beard Championships [WithLeather]

The Heat Vs. Bulls Preview: 10 Points To Watch [TSS]

Game Of Thrones S1E5: Just The Badass Parts [WarmingGlow]

This Week in Posters [Filmdrunk]

Dancing Dogs Montage [EgoTV]

A Quick Tour Of Flippin, Arkansas [Buzzfeed]

A Gallery of Cartoons Invading Reality [Unreality]

10 Uselessly Specific Members of G.I. Joe [ToplessRobot]

Cheryl Cole, the new X Factor judge, seems nice [WWTDD]

Top 5 Dunks from Game 1 of Bulls/Heat Series [HoopDoctors]

Samoan Rugby Star Clocks Opposing Player with Three-Punch Knockout (video) [Brobible]

New blood test tells you exactly how long you will live. Darwin seen chuckling at these shenanigans [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Stick ’em up, kitty. [via SayOMG]

[Pictures via TheFrogman and TastefullyOffensive]

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