Against All Odds, The Poop Cruise Has Returned To Haunt Our Dreams In Zombie Form

Presumably because we all miss the Poop Cruise and we all love zombies, the universe presents, “Zombie Poop Cruise: Return Of The Poop Cruise”.

Reports WPMI-TV:

Mobile Fire-Rescue has confirmed that the Carnival Triumph has broken loose and one person is missing. It happened Wednesday afternoon at BAE Shipyard in downtown Mobile.

Officials tell us rough winds are to blame for the ship. They say it’s also to blame for a guard shack blowing over near the Triumph. Two people were tossed into the water when the guard shack fell. One person has been recovered. Mobile Fire Rescue said USAR has brought in search dogs to help find the second person.

A witness on the scene, Jim Smith, tells Local 15 News that rough winds had been blowing in downtown Mobile all morning. Smith said the ship broke loose and started to move out. He said a tugboat attempted to bring the Triumph back in, but the tugboat got lodged between the Triumph and another ship.

Seriously, not sure you could pay me to step foot on a cruise ship right now.