Alabama’s Dynasty Is Not Done, According To Paul Finebaum’s Angriest Caller

Longtime fans of ESPN college football analyst and radio host Paul Finebaum (if such people exist) are already familiar with “Phyllis from Mulga,” but those of you who aren’t are certainly in for a treat. As we all know, the (previously) No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide lost to Ole Miss on Saturday, and obviously the Roll Tide faithful would like to simply forget the embarrassing game and move on. Finebaum, though, couldn’t resist the urge to have Phyllis call in to discuss the loss and, much more importantly, reignite her incredible feud with Finebaum’s colleague, Colin Cowherd, who previously predicted Alabama’s “demise” and reinforced it today. Of course, like most grown adults who are way too serious about sports, Phyllis has also taken to calling Cowherd “Cow Turd.” Roll damn Tide.

For those of you wishing to catch up, here is Cowherd’s original statement from last year that Bama fans should be “afraid” of Auburn, because the Tigers will be better than the Tide and “win back-to-back national titles,” followed by Phyllis’s, um, counterpoint:

And here is Cowherd’s response to Phyllis from last December that has kept this rivalry fueled all these months later.

(H/T to Sports Illustrated)