Alec Baldwin Attacked A NY Daily News Photographer So The Internet Could Have This Incredible GIF


Alec Baldwin has been whatever the opposite of shy is when it comes to publicizing his relationship with his much-younger yoga instructor girlfriend Hilaria Thomas. Still, the man the internet loves for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock is notoriously more combustible than a gasoline-soaked sofa in Morgantown, West Virginia on a Saturday night in the fall, so it sadly comes as no surprise whenever he flips out on someone in public — an occurrence that seems to happen more frequently than a lunar eclipse.

With that said, a note to the paparazzi: do not try to photograph Alec Baldwin when he’s out picking up a marriage license!

An enraged Alec Baldwin punched a Daily News photographer in the chin Tuesday morning for snapping his picture outside the city Marriage License Bureau.

The volatile “30 Rock” star popped lensman Marcus Santos once in the face outside the Worth St. office after apparently obtaining a license to wed fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

Santos was standing innocently with two other photographers when Baldwin, 54, approached with an angry glare.

“He was looking mad,” said Santos. “He said, ‘Step back, step back.’ I said, ‘We’re moving back.’”

Baldwin then grabbed a second News photographer, Jefferson Siegel, and Santos told the “Rock of Ages” star to back off.

Nice burn there to tie Baldwin to the cinematic abortion that is Rock Of Ages. I’d forgotten he was in that. Well played, Daily News!

And, not surprisingly, Baldwin’s version of events conflicts with the Daily News’…

Man we love Alec Bladwin around here, but he is such a dick.

(GIF via GIFHound)

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