First Look: Alec Baldwin Surprises Couples In Taxis With Relationship Advice In His Brand New Web Series

For those of us still recovering from post-30 Rock bummer disorder, every day is a struggle to focus on our lives without shouting, “Good God, Lemon,” or wondering, “What would Jack Donaghy do, damn it?” Fortunately, our good friends at Above Average have a sort of comedy methadone for us that is already scratching us in all the right places this morning, with the launch of the brand new web series, Love Ride. Not only does this series star “Internationally Renowned Relationship Expert” Alec Baldwin, but he’s joined by comedienne Paula Pell, AKA Pete Hornberger’s wife. It’s a 30 Rock 2-for-1 that also delivers us some lessons in love.

In Love Ride, Baldwin is joined for a cab ride by random couples, and he quizzes them about their personal and relationship information to gauge just how strong their bonds are. I assume they’re not unsuspecting couples, though, because they didn’t get into the cabs and immediately scream because Jack Donaghy (damn it) was there. In this first clip, Corey and Francesca hop in so Baldwin can lay out a quick and potentially terrifying plan for their future.

New episodes will debut at Above Average each week (to hold you over, perhaps, until the return of the wonderful Sound Advice in the spring), but to keep you from getting too strung out, they’ve released two clips at the same time this week. Next up, Toby and Brian hail the right cab at the right time.