Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Tweeted A Reminder Of The ‘Thoughtless Little Pig’ Voicemail

In more “what the f*ck” celebrity social media news, Ireland Baldwin just posted a mic drop of a tweet. Rather, she posted a picture of herself and father Alec Baldwin reading a children’s book entitled If I Were A Pig… Her caption? “I would be a rude and thoughtless one of course.”


Ireland, of course, is referring to a 2007 incident when Alec left her a voicemail calling her a “rude, thoughtless, little pig,” presumably for refusing to see him after his divorce from her mother Kim Basinger. Since then, it seems like father and daughter have a close relationship, and Baldwin has recovered from this fiasco to slay as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock (though he’s still known for his anger issues).

That leads me to my next question: Did he sign off on Ireland’s tweet? Is this all designed to show that Baldwin has gained self-awareness and a sense of humor about himself over the years? Or is Ireland mad at him, and decided to post this to get back at him? Just Jared says they were both in on it, but given the bluntness of the caption, I’m not so sure.

(Via Just Jared)