Alex Jones’ Brilliant Plan To Not Pay Sandy Hook Families May Be To Simply Declare Bankruptcy

Alex Jones is in trouble. Last fall he lost one lawsuit after another in cases involving the misinformation he spread about the Sandy Hook school massacre that occurred almost 10 years ago. But he has a brilliant plan to evade the payments that could leave him penniless: simply declare bankruptcy.

According to Bloomberg, financial advisers are speaking with the conspiracy theorist about restructuring his companies. One possible solution? Filing Chapter 11. That, Bloomberg reports, could allow his companies, such as InfoWars and Free Speech Systems, to keep operating while putting civil litigation against their owner on pause.

The defamation lawsuits have already cost Jones money. After he called in sick to a deposition — then got busted recorded his show the same day — he was forced to pay a fine.

The lawsuits stem from claims Jones made that the Sandy Hook school shooting, which resulted in 28 deaths, including the perpetrator and his mother, was a hoax. In 2018, six of the families filed lawsuits against him. Since losing some of those cases, Jones has been trying to hide his money via byzantine financial shenanigans. Though he’s been known to slam Donald Trump (albeit for the few times he’s done the right thing), he’s yet another of his supporters who owes an unimaginably large amount of money for spreading lies.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting more details on Jones’ legal filings, made on Sunday. Not only is Jones seeking bankruptcy protection for the InfoWars and Prison Planet far-right sites, but “Jones also sought bankruptcy protection for Infowars Health, the store from which Jones has hawked nutritional supplements and other products.”

(Via Bloomberg)