Alex Jones Is Allegedly Hiding Money From Sandy Hook Families Through A ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Use Of Shell Companies

As the Sandy Hook defamation case against Alex Jones continues, the InfoWars host is once, again, allegedly, engaged in what appears to be some very shady behavior. According to accusations in a new motion, Jones is using a shell company to hide InfoWars’ assets by continuing highly suspicious financial transactions that conveniently occur around the same he faces a legal setback in court. The legal team representing the Sandy Hook families filed the motion and called the alleged financial shenanigans “jaw-dropping” in their brazenness.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening via The Daily Beast, and don’t feel bad if you start to go cross-eyed halfway through, because the whole point is to obfuscate InfoWars’ net worth:

On paper, InfoWars parent company Free Speech Systems seems to lose money every year. Yet Jones has allegedly transferred significant amounts out of the company—financial transactions that often coincide with legal setbacks Jones has faced in the Sandy Hook cases. After the families sued him in 2018, for example, Jones allegedly started personally withdrawing a total of $18 million from the Free Speech Systems bank account over three years, along with drawing an annual $600,000 salary.

Many of the suspicious transfers center on a mysterious company called PQPR, which the plaintiffs claim is controlled by Jones and his family members. Shortly after Jones lost his last appeal to block the defamation cases in Texas, PQPR claimed that Free Speech Systems owed it $54 million—almost all of InfoWars’ assets.

And in a surprising move, here’s a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families putting the whole thing in layman’s terms: “They’re transfers designed to siphon off [Jones’] assets to make them judgment-proof.”

If the allegations are true, and Jones is conducting suspicious financial transactions to hide InfoWars’ assets, that can be seen as a sign that he doesn’t expect to win the defamation suit. Then again, he tried to claim that the Sandy Hook children didn’t exist and their families were crisis actors, so he was already facing an uphill battle from the jump because that kind of talk is morally repugnant on top of downright crazy.

(Via The Daily Beast)