Alex Jones Now Claims That The Judge In His Sandy Hook Trial Was A Left-Wing Operative Because She Had Blue Hair

If you thought Alex Jones getting hit with over $50 million in damages would stop him from spreading wild conspiracy theories, think again. And again and again and again until the heat death of the universe. While visiting the Louder with Crowder radio show, Jones took time away from claiming his new book outsold Harry Potter to accuse the judge in his Sandy Hook trial of being a “George Soros operative.”

“They’ll sue you in the jurisdiction with a judge assigned to take control. And who’s a political operative? This lady’s a Soros operative and admits she is on her our own, you know, Facebook,” Jones said. He later backed up his accusation with some truly incredible evidence: She dyes her hair blue. Case closed, everybody.

However, in a surprising bit of journalism by Steven Crowder, he pushed back on the claim that judge admits on her Facebook that she’s a Soros operative. Wildly, Jones backed off the whole thing. Via Mediaite:

Crowder began to clarify that the judge did not directly come out and declare herself a Soros operative.

“No, you’re right,” Jones agreed. “She did not say ‘I am a Soros operative.’ You are correct.”

“And you don’t know if Soros paid for her blue hair dye? We cannot confirm nor deny, but we’ll assume so,” Crowder joked.

“That was hyperbole by me,” Jones replied.

Okay, damn, maybe Jones did a learn something by being sued into oblivion. Now, if he could just work on not saying anything at all. That’s the real trick.

(Via Mediaite)