Alex Jones Reportedly Employs A ‘Spy Ring’ To Track And Keep Tabs On His Current Wife And Ex-Wife

Alex Jones has a weird way of doing, well, most everything — including showing his love. But if you’re lucky enough to be married to the big guy (or to have been previously married to him), he’ll apparently sic an ex-Blackwater mercenary on your ass to track your every movement. Awww… it must be love!

According to a new report in Rolling Stone, the regularly embattled — and likely soon-to-be-bankruptInfoWars host has employed a team of people to surveil his ex-wife in recent years, and is doing the same for his current wife. How did Rolling Stone learn this? From Jones’ texts, of course (many of which mistakenly became public when the conspiracy theorist’s lawyer accidentally shared them with opposing counsel)!

Three people familiar with the matter confirmed the information to Rolling Stone, saying that Jones employed what was described as a “ragtag ‘spy ring’” to follow his ex-wife Kelly Jones during their prolonged custody battle, and to provide Alex with information on where she went and what she did.

“Alex is obsessed with me, has had me followed for years, has done everything to infringe on my liberties and personal freedom to impose himself into my life,” Kelly Jones told Rolling Stone. “My life is a gauntlet of waiting for his next nefarious or disingenuous or overtly threatening move. I’m not surprised to find out that he’s engaged in this activity. I would really like to find out the extent to which this has occurred, [and] if it’s even legal.”

But Jones’ prying mind isn’t reserved solely for his ex-wife. As Adam Rawnsley and Asawin Suebsaeng write for RS, Jones’ current wife, Erika Wulff Jones, is also getting the espionage treatment — at least she was up until 2020 (that they know of):

According to another of the sources, the texts reveal Alex Jones’ snooping habits extend to his current marriage. Jones’ phone, the source said, indicated he has been tracking his current wife, Erika Wulff Jones, until 2020, and possibly beyond. The texts reveal Alex Jones had enlisted Tim Enlow, a former Blackwater mercenary on his security detail, to track his wife. In the texts, Alex Jones would repeatedly check in for updates on Wullff Jones’ location. Enlow’s responses included screenshots of a GPS phone app that he said was tracking her car, as well as Enlow’s own descriptions of her physical location, according to the source. Wulff Jones did not respond to a request for comment, including on whether she was aware Enlow was relaying her whereabouts to her husband.

No one ever said that life with a paranoid conspiracy theorist would be boring!

(Via Rolling Stone)