Alex Jones’ Show Reportedly Popped Up On Spotify (Despite Being Banned) Before Getting Yanked

Despite being banned from the platform in 2018, episodes of Alex Jones podcast have reportedly been streaming on Spotify for the better part of a week. Considering the streaming service has been embroiled in enough controversy thanks to Joe Rogan, it appears to have remedied the Jones’ problem with a quickness. The situation escalated on Wednesday when Media Matters reported on episodes of The Alex Jones Show recently being available to stream on Spotify:

Full-length episodes of The Alex Jones Show have been uploaded daily on Spotify since February 20 and remain undetected by the platform moderators. The Alex Jones Show is the first result that appears when searching ‘infowars’ on Spotify. This oversight speaks to a larger problem of Spotify’s shoddy enforcement of its own rules and poor ability to detect extremist content.

By Thursday morning, Spotify “appeared” to have pulled The Alex Jones Show, according to update on Media Matters’ initial report. If someone was trying to stealthily upload episodes to the platform, their plan was no doubt thwarted by the attention Marjorie Taylor Greene brought to the program. During a recent appearance, Greene flat-out called for vigilante justice against trans people in public, and went so far to endorse using physical violence by saying, if her daughter had a trans summer camp counselor, her husband would “beat them into the ground.”

Less than 24 hours after Greene went viral for her abhorrent remarks, Spotify pulled The Alex Jones Show episodes that somehow made it past its moderators.

(Via Media Matters)