Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Tired Of Being Treated ‘As If I’m Some Kind Of Crazy Person’

If Marjorie Taylor Greene hadn’t spent the past year-plus stalking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, complaining about the gazpacho police, or spreading bizarre conspiracy theories about Jewish space lasers (which has become a very touchy subject for her), it’s doubtful we’d even know her name. But the Georgia congresswoman’s never-ending stream of bizarre antics and bullsh*t have garnered her hundreds of headlines, and—somehow—a reputation as being a kingmaker in certain Republican circles. Now, after all the bonkers business she has pulled that have made her a household name, including harassing teen school shooting victims and calling for Democratic leaders to be executed, The Independent reports that she’s whining about how people think she’s “crazy.”

Greene registered her complaints with noted and very, very loud conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of all people, who—subplot alert!—has been pushing Greene to run for president. She appeared on his InfoWars on Sunday—which might just have been the perfect audience to normalize her very much not-normal behaviors. But MTG seemed downright serious when she carped about the way she is treated by not just Democrats, but by the media at large.

“It bothers me so much,” Greene said. “They treat me as if I’m some kind of crazy person, or like I have three horns coming out of my head.”

Wait, she doesn’t?

Then came the real Marjorie. As The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg wrote:

Ms Greene, who was stripped of her congressional committee assignments last year after video surfaced of her harassing a school shooting survivor, added that “they” do not understand that “they’re the ones that are crazy and they’re the ones that are so disconnected.”

Spoken like every 5-year-old who’s ever tried that “I know you are, but what am I?” bit.

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(Via The Independent)