Even Alex Jones Believes That Trump Made A Huge Mistake In Calling For Protests Upon His Possible Arrest

Alex Jones is not the voice of reason. He’s been busy lately figuring out a way how to not pay Sandy Jones parents after losing his defamation trial for slandering them. He’s been claiming that the Feds want to take his cat away, and he’s also been reportedly “holding firearms” of January 6 rioters, but he’s now echoing Marjorie Taylor Greene and saying that Trump houldn’t have called for protests from the MAGA devotees upon his possible arrest.

Really, Alex Jones is departing from Trump on this issue. Granted, he also drops multiple conspiracy theories into this rant, but here’s the video clip, and we’ll follow up with his quote:

“I’ve got an issue with Trump on that, and I’m not saying that he didn’t have the right to say it… but I would have said it better. We got set up on January 6. We know that now. A million people people came there. A few hundred attacked the police. The police hit themselves with tear gas.

“Trump says, ‘Take our country back and protest if I get indicted.’ You can see that some people will think, ‘Take the country back,’ and then if some provocateurs do something, they can point right at Trump and say, ‘See, he basically pushed them do do this’ … It does look like he’s trying to use the public to push right up to the edge … he’s lighting up a cigarette while he’s playing with gasoline”

Claiming that the police tear-gassed themselves is, of course, dangerous and false and on brand for Jones.

Sure, it says something that even Alex Jones believes that Trump shouldn’t be inciting people to (as he did on January 6) “fight like hell” again or anything close. Then again, the conspiracy theories in Jones’ rhetoric are still completely off-the-hook and harmful as well. And this is also a guy who said that a big bowl of chili makes him forget basic facts about his children. So maybe it’s good that Alex Jones said one thing to deter violence, but he’ll probably make up for it sooner or later.