Alex Jones Allegedly Couldn’t Recall Basic Facts About His Kids Because He Ate ‘A Big Bowl Of Chili’

The parental custody trial of Infowars host Alex Jones shall be going down in Austin for the next two weeks, and if today’s opening remarks are any indication, this is gonna be explosive. Jones is currently locked in battle with ex-wife Kelly Jones, who wants the court to remove his full-custody status of their three children. The two divorced in 2015, and she argues that he’s unstable because his Infowars episodes include threats to break Alec Baldwin’s neck and recommendations for Jennifer Lopez to visit Somalia and be “gang raped.” Those are valid concerns from any mother, but Jones’ attorney has argued that he’s simply acting, i.e., “performance art.”

Well, Jones hasn’t ripped his shirt off in open court yet, but he’s not having a first great day in court, and his attorney, Randall Wilhite, may need some de-stressing mechanisms soon. Of great importance on Twitter is a tweet from Buzzfeed News’ Charlie Zarzel, who posted a statement from Kelly Jones’ attorney, Bobby Newman. Apparently, Alex previously couldn’t remember (during a deposition) “what grade his kids were in” because he had just eaten “a big bowl of chili.”

What does that mean? Because the act of visualizing a gassy Alex Jones does not produced wonderful results, and it gets worse. Ben Hartman tweeted that Jones was seen “making faces” and “shaking his head” in the court room after Newman stated that his live-in girlfriend “does private hotel massages.”

Things are growing much more serious, however. Jones is expected to soon testify on the difference between his public image and private self. Oooh boy.

And according to the Austin American-Statesman‘s Jonathan Tilove, Newman has stated that Alex told his children to secretly record their mother in an effort to dig up something incriminating against her. Also, Newman asserts that Alex has already recruited his kids into the Infowars fold, which has exposed them to alleged death threats.

Also, Jones recorded a video this morning on the way to court. He appears to dispute his own attorney’s claims that he’s an actor: “I am completely real and everybody knows it.”