Allen Iverson On Kobe’s Return And Kevin Durant’s Legacy

11.22.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Ball Is Life had me at “Allen Iverson interview.”

Throughout his career, Iverson’s relationship with Kobe always appeared like one built on respect more than camaraderie. Both are completely different individuals with two vastly different personalities and upbringings, yet the one similarity Chuck and Bean consistently shared was an obsessive – damn-near sadistic – approach once stepping on the court. Hence the reason when asked if Kobe could return to pre-injury form, he notes, “Hell yeah he gonna be Kobe. It’s in his heart. He’s a killer.”

The second and final question is whether he believes Kevin Durant can ever surpass LeBron. Iverson notes KD doesn’t need to surpass James because at the end of the day he’s going to have to be viewed as an all-time great regardless. Allen Iverson, everybody. The voice of reason.

For those clock-watching until checkout time today at work, trek down memory lane with your boy and revisit the 1996 Big East Championship between Georgetown and UConn. It’s wild to believe we’re approaching the 18th anniversary of that title game which featured the likes of Victor Page – whose life has since hit rock bottom – and one hell of final shot from Ray Allen with Iverson draped over him. You’re welcome.

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