An Alligator And A Python Duked It Out In A Brutal Battle For The Ages

On a balmy Florida golf course, the normally serene sound of clubs hitting balls was muted by the vicious call of nature. An alligator and a python, both intimidating and deadly on their own, went head to head with fatal results. Together, they could be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone, and I’m not talking about the recent Expendables nonsense. Nope, this would be The Terminator vs. Rambo, and I think we know who would win that battle. The Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 would crush that puny little ex-soldier.

Come at me.

This result is exactly what occurred on the golf course, where the alligator overpowered his opponent and made a delicious meal of him. A random club member happened to snap this photo, which has gone viral. While there’s not even a video here, this battle is easily more exciting than Rat vs. Pigeon in New York City because allll the bad stuff goes down in Florida. New Yorkers may be jaded and apathetic while witnessing the most vicious displays of nature, but Florida embraces the madness. As an added bonus, this alligator did the golf course a solid against the invasive python species.

The gator had one job, and he did it damn well.

(Via The Classics Country Club at Lely Resort’s on Facebook)