Allow Us To Sum Up Why You Should Play ‘Far Cry 4’ In One GIF

There are a lot of games coming out in November that desperately want all your time. And truthfully, a lot of them look great. But this new trailer for Far Cry 4 includes a moment that pretty much makes buying this game a done deal.

Mostly the trailer is about brutal dictator/source of dark comedy Pagan Min, the ruler of the fictional nation of Kyrat and somebody you really don’t want to be with at a dinner party. It actually picks up right where the E3 cinematic left off, with the party Min was talking about. It’s… less fun than he made it sound.

But at least some of the trailer is concerned with the crazy stuff you can do in Kyrat, including what will inevitably be something everybody tries to do at least once, and probably sold a million copies in less than two seconds:

Yep, we’ve gotta admit, even if the rest of the game is terrible, and it actually looks like a smart, well-done evolution of Far Cry 3‘s gameplay, it’s going to be worth it to take down a Cessna with a grenade while flying after it in a wingsuit. You’re like a malevolent flying squirrel!

We’ll find out just how malevolent you are November 18th. And don’t forget, you can also ride elephants if killing enemies on land is more your speed.