Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray Full Of Hints About The Sequel, Apparently

The Amazing Spider-Man was actually a pretty good movie held back a bit by insisting on being an origin story. But hey, if you have to retell an origin story, it’s a good one to retell, and it actually updated the story in clever and intelligent ways.

That will probably go out the window with the sequel, but, hey, speaking of the sequel, apparently there are a few hints about it in the new Blu-Ray coming out today!

According to interviews with Entertainment Tonight, you’ll need to look in two places. First, apparently the lab tour Gwen takes all the interns on has a few Easter Eggs if you know where to look. Secondly, the very last shot of the movie supposedly has one in it.

Of course, this being the Internet, somebody has already busted out the DVD and taken a look. Currently, it’s pointed out that during the tour, you see a rhino on that holographic Tree of Life that seemed kind of silly. The bridge scene is a bit less obvious; either we’re seeing Electro’s pants at some point, or there’s a brief blip of the Spidey-Sense while looking at the George Washington Bridge.

Personally, I hope the Rhino shows up. Spider-Man was always at his best, early on, outwitting bullies before beating the crap out of them. That said, I can also see why the second movie would need two villains because, let’s face it, the Rhino isn’t exactly a compelling character unless he’s fighting the Hulk in a mall while dressed as Santa.