Amber Heard’s Lawyers Are Asking For A Mistrial Because One Of The Wrong Jurors Showed Up To Court

Amber Heard has not been silent. Since a jury found her guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actress’ lawyers have vowed to fight it, either by appealing or asking that it be thrown out entirely. Now they’re calling for a mistrial, citing the fact that one of the jurors should not have been there.

As per Variety, Heard’s attorneys have discovered one of the jurors was never received a summons. Instead, it went to another person in the same household, someone who is 25 years older. It’s not yet been made public what relationship they had, and their names were redacted from the filing.

“As the Court no doubt agrees, it is deeply troubling for an individual not summoned for jury duty nonetheless to appear for jury duty and serve on a jury, especially in a case such as this,” Heard’s attorneys wrote. “This was a high-profile case, where the fact and date of the jury trial were highly publicized prior to and after the issuance of the juror summonses.”

The defamation trial — Depp’s second, after he unsuccessfully sued The Sun — was a wild one, filled with shocking revelations and stories about jurors falling asleep during presentations. Depp himself has been taking baby steps back into the spotlight, even lining up a project with Netflix. But one thing he won’t do is play Jack Sparrow ever again. Probably.

(Via Variety)