AMC To Broadcast "Walking Dead" in B&W This July

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Well, OK, just the pilot. But it’s still pretty neat.

As we all know, while the series is shot in color, because Americans refuse to watch anything that isn’t technically in color, the comic book it’s based on is black and white.

So AMC, looking to hype up season three, is going to show a marathon of the whole series in early July, climaxing with showing the pilot in black and white, as part of a huge push to market the show during the San Diego Comic Con. Ironically, this isn’t the first time something Frank Darabont was involved in got desaturated: his adaptation of “The Mist” also saw a black-and-white version released as a special feature.

Just a fun side note: go to your local comics shop and ask the guy behind the counter about how many complaints he’s gotten about the graphic novels missing the color parts. Just make sure you’ve got some time, because he’ll want to complain about it.

image courtesy AMC

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