An Awesome Wedding Proposal, Shell Game Cat, and Links

For the troops:  Comics Care Package #7 [Geektress] hacked, reports Tupac and Biggie still alive and living in New Zealand. No word on whether or not they owned a see-saw. [Uproxx]

Meme Watch: Bear Grylls Enjoys A Nice Beverage [Uproxx]

Awesome People Hanging Out Together Will Give You Party Envy [Uproxx]

30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection [

Frotcast 49: AVN Awards, Matt Ufford [Filmdrunk]

Corgi Friday goes to San Francisco [WarmingGlow]

The Dugout: Buster Posey, 1998-2011 [WithLeather]

When Pop Culture Clashes: Odd Future Dances Rebecca Black’s “Friday” [TSS]

Leonard Nimoy’s Day Off [ToplessRobot]

Cave Johnson’s Combustible Lemons [Buzzfeed]

The 10 Best Sports Stories of the Week [TSJ]

Comic-Con 2011: Predictions and Previews [UGO]

10 of the Most Unique Flash Games [ForkParty]

This Epic Hurdle Fail Is Painful to Watch [Brobible]

New survey suggests owning a house in U.S. is dumb [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: A cat plays the shell game. [via SayOMG]

[Pictures via B&P and GGGP]