An Englishman Is Creating A Fart Machine To Point And Fire At France

On Thursday, English inventor, daredevil and world record seeker Colin Furze might spin a few berets in France with a little prank that he’ll be pulling from atop the cliffs of dover. Furze’s latest great idea is a large and extremely loud valveless pulsejet that he plans to point at Northern France and set off, because the French could apparently hear the British artillery being fired during World War II. Granted, in this sensitive era, having a giant metal tube that glows as fire is being shot from it and pointing it at another nation might cause some people to freak out, but Furze swears that his intentions are clearly comical.

That’s because his pulsejet will be encased in a giant butt that will basically make it look as if France is being farted at. This is truly an exciting time to be alive, and I, for one, look forward to this advancement in artificial flatulence.

Additionally, here is a very mature artist’s rendering of what this event might look like:

(H/T to BetaBeat)