An Exploitable Video Game Property is a Terrible Thing to Waste — Nintendo to Revive 3rd Party Franchises

Nothing causes Nintendo more pain than watching a perfectly good character or franchise go unexploited. Of course Nintendo’s own characters have all been squeezed to their last drop, but what about the properties of other companies? What about all those potentially profitable series being squandered over at Sega, Capcom and Konami?

Well, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Nintendo is so serious about getting 3rd party support for the 3DS and their upcoming WiiU that they’re planning to partially fund and help develop sequels to properties owned by other companies. Top on Nintendo’s list of other people’s stuff they want to revive? Sega’s weird pet sim Seaman.

So yeah, this certainly opens up some interesting possibilities. What neglected and/or mistreated properties from other companies would you folks like to see Nintendo revive? There’s about a dozen horribly mismanaged franchises at Sega alone — Toejam and Earl in 2012!

via  GoNintendo