An Official ‘Forrest Gump’ Game Now Exists And It Looks Like A Box Of Garbage

Hey, back in 1994 while watching bittersweet Academy Award-winning dramedy Forrest Gump, did you ever find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish they’d turn this into an endless runner game for smartphones”?

Well, if you did, good work on predicting the whole smartphone thing (bet that Apple stock is doing well for you, you bastard) and congrats — your dream game finally got made! Run Forest Run is a mobile endless runner game about Forrest, well, running.Yes, it’s officially licensed by Paramount pictures. Yes, the game does start with Forrest’s leg braces dramatically falling off.

Here’s a few screenshots just to prove I’m not lying (shockingly this triple-A production doesn’t have a trailer yet)…

Right now the game’s only available in New Zealand, but it’s not like mobile developers (or Paramount apparently) have any shame, so the rest of the world will probably get it eventually. So yeah, this is sad, but if they make a Gump and Co. shrimp trawling sim I’ll download it twice.

Via Kotaku