Ana Gasteyer Really Wanted To Get Verified On Twitter

SNL alum and current Suburgatory star Ana Gasteyer has been on Twitter for a while and for some reason decided yesterday was the day to begin a crusade for Twitter verification. I could go on for a while weighing whether minor celebrities really need verified accounts — I’m not sure how much trouble a fake Ana Gasteyer could stir up outside of claiming she regrets the Schweddy Balls sketch. But I get the craving for that verification check when all your buddies on set are verified, and it’s not like Twitter is busy tracking trending topics anyone actually gives a sh*t about, so they might as well stay on top of this. All I ask is that the minor celebrity in question be as cool and self-deprecating about it in the process.

That, my friends, is where Ms. Gasteyer succeeded. 24 hours ago she began her campaign, tweeting out fun photos that only the real Ana Gasteyer or a solid lookalike with some serious resources could have pulled off. And by the end of the day she was verified and I was reminded I don’t always hate celebrities on Twitter. So there you go. Here’s a streamlined recap of the action…