And Now For The Most Easily Scared Man In The World

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Norway’s Basse Andersen began as a Norwegian sensation and is on his way to becoming a full blown internet sensation as The Most Easily Scared Man in the World: “His co-workers don’t always pull pranks on him, but when they do, he sh*ts his pants,” etc, etc.

Here’s a clip from NRK Sørlandet documenting the extreme scaredy cat tendencies of Mr. Andersen. After viewing I have no doubt he may be the most easily frightened man in the world, but the video is subtitled and pretty boring in between panic attacks, so here’s a fast forward preview of when and how Basse gets scared for your viewing efficiency…

:06 – “Boo!” –> Little girl scream
:25 – Warehouse prank –> Loses sh*t
1:42 – Desk prank –> Loses sh*t
2:17 – Desk prank in slo mo –> Loses sh*t in slo mo


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