The Very Best Of Craig Ferguson And His Robot Sidekick, Geoff

07.15.13 6 years ago 34 Comments

While hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon may be getting most of the attention on these here Internets, I’d argue that the most naturally funny late night host is Craig Ferguson. The Late Late Show doesn’t have any nifty video packages or many meme-able moments; it’s usually just Ferguson riffing in front of a camera and conducting great interviews with his guests, and it’s great.

One underrated aspect of the show is Ferguson’s interaction with his robot skeleton sidekick, Geoff, voiced by Josh Robert Thompson. For those of you with regular sleeping hours, you may not be privy to Ferguson and Thompson’s brilliance. So take a look at some of their best moments.

Geoff Makes Craig Lose His Sh*t — Here’s a perfect example of how the show works. During a mailbag segment, Ferguson starts asking Geoff about places he’s lived and in. Through the course of the back-and-forth Ferguson loses it and starts crying at his desk. Yes, it’s that funny.

Craig Makes Geoff Lose His Sh*t — Here’s another mailbag feature right in time for the last day before the Mayan Apocalypse. Really, “Daffy Dook” shouldn’t be this funny, but it’s Geoff’s turn to lose it.

Larry King As Geoff — This was totally random and it worked. Larry King handled the Geoff duties and pulled it off. Go figure.

Geoff Dies — You’d think that a pre-taped show would cut it when the robot starts malfunctioning. Nope. These two kept at it.

Cafeful, Icarus – This is absolutely absurd. Geoff got a tweet that compared him to Icarus and it turned into an episode-long joke. Who else could pull this off? This is the most you’ll hear “Icarus” in your whole life.

Geoff Gets Drunk – During this Labor Day episode, Geoff and Craig decided to throw a few back but Geoff got too wasted. Ah, nevermind, he got perfectly wasted.

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