And The Award For Worst Yearbook Mistake Goes To… ‘Home Run Hitler’

So far this week, we’ve seen a story about a teapot at JC Penney that people thought looked like a cartoon Hitler selling out online in record time and a teenage girl being arrested for changing a classmate’s last name to “Masturbate” in their yearbook, so it’s only natural that the stories would collide into one monumental yearbook editing error.

A Reddit user posted an image of a family’s message to their son in his yearbook, with that message being: “Congrats to our Home Run Hitter”. Except someone – either the parents who ordered the ad or the yearbook editor – overlooked that second t in Hitter and its resemblance of a lower case L and allowed it to turn into “Home Run Hitler”.

Or maybe that’s just the very strange and inappropriate nickname that this family has given to their son. While I’m guessing that can’t possibly be the case, I think there’s a pretty good chance that it will be his nickname moving forward. My advice to this young man – do something very foolish immediately so everyone forgets about this as quickly as possible.

(H/T to Deadspin)