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This morning is the last time to enter the Green Lantern USB drives giveaway if you haven’t yet [GammaSquad]

The Many Faces Of Many Faces [Uproxx]

Good For Health, Bad For Careers: A Gallery Of Careers That Suffered From Sudden Weight Shifts [TSS]

Would You Pay $2.99 To Watch Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday?’ [Uproxx]

The Best and Worst of WWE All-Star Raw 6/13 [WithLeather]

Ben and Jerry’s loves Schweddy balls [WarmingGlow]

This Week In F—k You: Footnotes [KSK]

This Week in Posters [Filmdrunk]

Is The Madness Worth Revisiting? [G4TV]

10 More Damaging Dad Moments [AdultSwim]

TV Show Names According To My Mom [Buzzfeed]

The Goanimate XBox 360 with Kinect Giveaway [Unreality]

Christian Bale: A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Gross [Pajiba]

Video Game Sequels That Were Actually Better Than The Original [UGO]

The Kate Upton Guide To Becoming An Internet Sensation By Your 19th Birthday [NextRound]

Best choice to record an audiobook version of “Go the F*ck to Sleep”? Samuel L. Jackson, of course [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Kitten gets into a hamster ball, like ya do. [via SayOMG]

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