Ann Coulter Has A ‘Compromise’ About Abortion So Good Even Liberals Can’t Believe They’re Agreeing With Her

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and every now and then Ann Coulter — who, during the Bush II era, was the scourge of progressives — says something that makes her sound downright progressive. These freak occurrences have been happening more and more in the last few years. She’s no fan of Donald Trump, and hell, she even praised Joe Biden for how he withdrew from Afghanistan. But her saying something sensible about abortion? There’s no way she would…oh wait.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court delayed a vote on banning mifepristone, a drug that has been used to terminate pregnancies — and which has helped women with other issues, including dealing with miscarriages. That — and the end of Roe v. Wade last year — probably what prompted Coulter to tweet the unthinkable (for her, anyway), writing, “COMPROMISE SOLUTION ON ABORTION! Ban abortion for registered Republicans only.”

Coulter is no fan of abortion, although she’s long supported it in cases of rape. She’s also no dummy (at least on this point). She knows abortion is a divisive issue, not just among Democrats but amongst centrists, independents, and more progressive-ish Republicans. That’s why she’s tried to plead for relative sanity from those in her party who’ve been pursuing strident anti-abortion legislation, despite it having already impacting the party negative.

“The demand for anti-abortion legislation just cost Republicans another crucial race. Pro-lifers: WE WON. Abortion is not a “constitutional right” anymore! “” Coulter tweeted earlier this month. “Please stop pushing strict limits on abortion, or there will be no Republicans left.”

Once again, people who don’t agree with freaking Ann Coulter about much could not believe that once again they were shaking their heads in agreement.

Alas, not everyone who agreed with Coulter would go so far as to say that excuses, you know, everything else she’s said or done.

So, yes, Republicans listen to Ann Coulter. Or don’t! Keep trying to ram deeply unpopular legislation down people’s throats and ensure Democrats never lose control of the White House and maybe even gain back the House.

(Via Raw Story)